Zach + Brooke. Just Married.

Congratulations to Zach & Brooke!!! This was an absolutely beautiful wedding! The bride was gorgeous (of course!), her dress was amazing, the bridal party was so fun, the floral arrangements were stunning, the DJ was hopping, the food was delicious, and the details were just perfect. Seriously, this was one fantastic wedding.

What good bridesmaids!!! They laced and they laced and they laced.

I'm a Vans fan myself, so of course, I was totally loving Brooke's choice of shoes. And so smart to to bring a pair of flats for the reception, especially when you plan on dancing as much as Brooke did! She rocked the night away!
Seriously, the flowers and decorating were just out of this world! Pink peacock feathers, black feathers, zebra print ribbon, black calla lilies, crystals, and tree branches instead of an archway?!?!? I think the trees were my absolute favorite part of the decor.
I love the shot!

Look closely. You can see Brooke's tear-streaks. So cute!!!

Thanks again, Bridesmaids, for lacing that dress!
See? The decor is just fantastic. And the tables were named after motocross race tracks that Zach has raced on!
My favorites from the First Dance. I love Brooke's one eye peeking over.
DJ Bill Tobler of Twist & Shout Mobile Sound kept everybody in the house on their feet. These people danced and they danced and they danced. And even when the reception was over they were still dancing. The music was fantastic and everyone was having a great time. Not sure where Zach is on this last picture (it was actually taken in the middle of the reception) but he was dancing too. Venue: Boulder Creek Golf Course
Florist: Iron Heart
Photographer: Jessica B Photography

Anonymous –   – (October 23, 2011 at 10:13 AM)  

What beautiful wedding photos!!I love the Brides dress!!

Meggara  – (October 23, 2011 at 3:46 PM)  

this all looks so nice! great job jess!

p.s. such a great photo of him putting her wedding band on!

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