Slightly Disturbing

We all know a little make-up and hair can go a long way, but it's the photoshopping that I find disturbing.

OK, OK, this is an advertisement. This is a model hired to help sell a product. Is this type of photoshopping OK because it's not a portrait professing to be "her"?

I run into this all the time, and it's mostly women asking me "Can you make me look 10 years younger or 20 pounds lighter" etc, etc. You know, I am perfectly happy clearing up your skin blemishes for you, but honestly my favorite wrinkles are crow's feet. There are somethings that are a part of you and I don't think it's fair to try to mask or erase or cover up. OK, so wrinkles could be softened. But enlongating the neck and enlarging the eyes??? 10 years from now you won't be able to trust anybody's photos.

(I have fixed a face before, but I can't for the life of me find it on my computer. My father-in-law came down with Bell's Palsy just before submitting an application for missionary service. He needed a photo with his app, but did not want his half-droopy face on there, which he knew would evenutally perk back up (and it has). So I did fix his face and I wish I had the picture to show you.)

What do you think????


An Afternoon at the Park

er, and the tracks...
Lovely choice of outfits! So fun!

I am so in love with this one!


Cinderella: The Dance Recital

In no particular order....
The arabesque.

A "Dress-Maker" with the Step-Mother in the lower right corner

Maddie (we can't tell it's you with that mask on!!)

I chose to forgo the flash, since last year it turned out so well. However, the light tech guy kept changing the color. Like, four different colors within one dance number!! Come on, pick something and stay with it!!


Baby Daniel

Daniel was such a good sleeper for his portrait session. There was no position he couldn't sleep through! I knew this first one was going to be my favorite.Daniel's mom is an excellent decorator.

Nice faux-hawk, eh?
Oh, I don't know... Maybe this one is my favorite. He just looks like such an angel in this one.


The Ballet

Oh, the Ballet. Yes, I will be there. On Wednesday, that is.


Love. Desire. Sacrifice.

Dad does mixed martial arts (that's what the gloves are for).

Apparently I can't get enough of her fingers and toes. They are just so tiny!
Ryiah. 5 pounds 5 ounces and 18 inches. Oh yeah, and I got poo-ed on by this nakedness!!!
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Family Re-uniting


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