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If you can read the scale, you'll see this little sweetie is 10 pounds. 10 pounds and 10 days old. I figured she was a perfect guinea pig for my new toy. (Yes, this is my first official attempt at this and I am still working out the kinks)

Her mom was totally prepared with cute accessories. She scored an awesome deal on the headbands, the darling bracelet was a gift from a friend, and mom herself made the tutu!!!

aaaahhhh, chubby-ness. I love baby rolls.
To see this sweetie's first day, click here.


Reach For Your Dreams

Beautiful. Inspiring. Read it in one day (yes, I'm a little tired this morning). There's even a few chapters about Disneyland for people like you, Mary! It's now on my Recommended Reading List :) You can watch Randy giving his Last Lecture here. The book is the lecture with much more added too it. It is worthwhile to read & watch both.


The Importance of Being Early

Not being born early, but getting your portraits done early in life, as in the first couple days.... preferably by a week... definitely by two weeks.... My reasoning is this: Brand new newborns sleep A LOT and are more likely to sleep through changing poses. As they get more and more days behind them, they are already developing habits in sleeping and waking and eating. While a one month old should still be sleeping a ton, some do not or do not sleep through as much noise & changing positions. And besides if you wait too long, they are no longer "newborn shots," they are "one month" or "two month shots." Yes, this little girl got grumpy with me as did this little guy. She's 3 weeks and he was 16 days old. Past that two week mark. And these are my Thursday Thoughts.


Today is the First Day of the Rest of My Life

I was flipping through the radio on the way home from the hospital this morning and I heard this on the country station: Today is the first day of the rest of my life (courtesy of Kenny Chesney & Dave Matthews). I thought how fitting it was for this little family. It's the first day of the baby's life - obviously - and, oh, how this couple's life will never be the same!! :)

After the epidural, I waited for a bit and then went home (almost against my better judgement) to catch some shut-eye. Seth curled up on the couch. He himself nearly slept through it all. He woke up to Lindsay saying "Honey, it's time to push!!" So I did not get "the call" until after the baby was born. No one knew she would go that fast!! What a beautiful new mama!
{Baby Girl} was born at 4:32am on Monday, September 14. She weighs 10 pounds even. She's got chubby rolls already!



So, I've never even been to the MonteLago Village and I must say, I've got to go back there!! I'm a fan of European architecture, and I'm told I need to explore the place. I think I will. Who's with me??


Happy Birthday to This Guy

Lots of "Happys" lately.

He's the World's Most Agile 5 Year Old. He can climb anything, do headstands, and, wow, is he ripped. And he doesn't even work out, he's just a kid who loves to play! I can't wait to see him in the Olympics one day doing a fabulous Maltese Cross, like this guy. Photo found here


Happy 9-9-09!

I am happy to say, I did not spend today at a wedding, like a million other people did. I spent today chillin' with my girls, two of which I've known literally since infancy, and the other two since 10 and 14 years old, respectively. We've all been friends this whole time, and have been together for much mischief and merry-making.

Oh yeah, there's a little stow-away in the group. But she's a cutie, we'll keep her.

I've had quite a few opportunities over the last few months to visit with old friends, and I've really enjoyed each one. Seriously, we've "picked up right where we left off" and can still talk and laugh just like we used to (only now with more varied and interesting things to talk about, you know, since we're grown-ups now). I truly value the friends of my youth.

Upon entering my house, one of the girls commented, "It feels like College Avenue!" Our freshman year of college, I lived in a house on a street called College Avenue (I know, no creativity whatsoever!). I took this comment as quite the compliment. While one could say I still live like a college student, my college house was warm & cozy, friendly, inviting, comfortable, relaxed, and it was "home". I will always have fond memories of that place, as it was truly a life-shaping experience living there. I'm glad I'm able to continue to have that feeling in my current home. (I'd post a pic of my college house, but that was pre-digital days and I'm too lazy right now to dig one out of the old box)

Thanks, girls. Can't wait for next year.


Happy Birthday to Me

I spent my birthday day doing this....
(Insert apologies for the crummy camera phone picture here)
I've never donated blood before. I did however "donate" plasma twice a week for three years in college. They paid you for it! It worked out to $15-20 an hour! Not bad for a starving college student. So I have no fear of needles or blood (My husband, on the other hand, almost passed out just looking at this pictures). I've never donated before because I was either donating plasma, or pregnant/nursing. I am currently not doing any of the above, therefore I can give blood. I was lucky enought to sit next to the lovely Heather G. who was also a first-timer.

Since I now officially have one year left before I turn 30, I have compiled a "30 Before 30" list - things I'd like to do/accomplish within the next year. (Inspired by Mrs. Fabulous by Forty)

#24. Donate Blood - CHECK! It's nice to be able to check one off the list - even if I did pick it because I knew it would be easy to do!

And by the way #7 is NO DECEMBER PORTRAIT SESSIONS!!! Don't call me. Seriously. Do not procrastinate the day of your Christmas-card-picture-taking.

(I will probably post for most goals I accomplish. Some are photo related, some are not. Having to post about them will help keep me accountable for them, right?)



Claire's mom is a most excellent decorator. With Mom being a teacher, and the large collection of Dr. Seuss (on the middle shelf) are from Mom's and Dad's childhoods, I knew this would be a great shot.
Claire's mom also has great taste in clothes.

Some big sister action.
Check out these browns!
Original color. I like both.


My Yearbook Skills

I did work one season for a company that had a wrap on all the Las Vegas high schools.
Can you believe I just wrote "Class of 2023"???? Does that make anyone else feel old? Or like, so in the future??


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