Meet Xavier

The latest homebirth baby...



The Dentist's Family

This is one handsome family....

Oh, the ladies are going to be dropping like flies over this one.
I could also spend an entirely too long post on this girl. So pretty and so lucky to be in this family with all these brothers.

Oh, have I got plans for this one. Think BIG!

If you need a dentist, call Dr. Huxford!


30 by 30 Goal #8 - CHECK!

Yes, this is my goal #8. Make a challah bread (pronounced "hall-uh"). I have a slight fascination with all things Jewish. A challah bread is a special braided bread eaten on the Sabbath and on holidays. Wikipedia says, "According to Jewish tradition, the three Sabbath meals (Friday night, Saturday morning, and Saturday afternoon) and two holiday meals (one at night and one in the morning) each begin with two complete loaves of bread. This "double loaf" commemorates the manna that fell from the heavens when the Israelites wandered in the desert for forty years after the Exodus from Egypt. The manna did not fall on the Sabbath or holidays; instead, a double portion fell before the Sabbath and holidays. (There are two loaves of bread in my picture. They cooked up big and ended up right next to each other) I used a fairly basic challah bread recipe from Amy Cox Jones's World of Wisdom cookbook (she calls for wheat, I used white flour - gasp!) and learned how to do the braid here. It's really quite easy!

Are you salivating yet?


Updating Your Facebook Profile

While we did this girl's family portrait, she asked for a single shot of herself. We joked that she would use it to update her Facebook. I have previously thought to post something liked this and now have an image to go with it. :)

Since I am so lovely and include a disc with your session, don't you forget your manners! If you post my pictures on Facebook, on your blog, email them to your friends, hang them on the walls in your house, etc, etc, don't forget to give credit where credit is due. I really appreciate a link from your blog to mine, and I know there are quite a few of you who have already been wonderful enough to take care of this on your own. But I felt like I needed to give a gentle reminder just in case :) So, yes please, credit me when you post my photos, a link to my blog is even better. I know there are people who read my blog whom I've never met, but are a friend of a friend or have found me because of a link on someone else's blog and I really enjoy that. And hey, always feel free to leave a friendly comment even if I don't know you.


The Beginning of the Christmas Season

Another year has come and gone, and I'm still taking pictures of your behind. I'm sure Lara will thank me for not posting side-by-sides, but you can see last year's session here.
The kiddo has grown up a little bit. Last year, he was barely walking. This year he was running away from me any chance he got!!! (Note to self: Never again forget to bring bribes!)

Sha-ZAAAMMM! (That's my new word of the day)
You love it. I know you do.


The Podiatrist's Family

This session wouldn't have been complete without a feet picture!

OK, OK I'll post pictures of gorgeous faces too, not just feet...

This shot on the left reminds me of my awesome photography teacher in college, and I loooove the one on the right.

We were short on time and light, but we definitely "made do"! And what Mom really wanted was these silhouette shots. I love how they turned out.

Love it!


Wedding Sneak Peak

This wedding won't be ready for a full blog post for a week or two, but for now I want to know what these girls were saying!!!

Something juicy!!! Look at her face turn red underneath her hands!! (I am posting this because I think it is so cute and fun! I'm not trying to embarass anybody, so please don't be embarassed!)
I was too far away to hear this conversation, so I really don't know what they were talking about. All of these girls were so sweet. Heather is a lovely, gorgeous bride and all her bridesmaids were darling, fun, supportive, & loyal, just like a good bridesmaid should be ;)



I was awakened Saturday morning by a phone call that said Jen's water just broke. I responded with "She needs to either have this baby fast or she has to wait until after 10:00 tonight." I had a wedding scheduled for most of the day yesterday!! Jen was kind enough to wait for me. With irregular contractions throughout the day, her labor finally strengthened late that night. Just in time for me to leave the wedding, grab a bite to eat and a change of clothes, and head to Jen's house.

I love this shot. Towards the end of the labor, Jen was getting tense with the stronger contractions. She seemed to be most relaxed when Dave was stroking her back, so when he came and sat by her like this, it was smooth sailing from there. I love it. The baby was born shortly after this picture was taken.
Baby Boy born Sunday, October 11th at 1:23am. He's 7 lbs 4 oz and 20.5 inches.

Jen was attended by midwife Margie Dacko and supported by her husband, mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and friend.

These images were all shot without a flash at ISO 6400 with an aperture of f/2.8 or f/1.8. Due to the low light and high ISO, pictures may be grainy or noisy, but hey, that's the nature of the game.


Just a Few For Now

Maybe I'll post more later...


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