One of the Hottest Days of the Year

This lovely family was visiting from Kentucky. The mom had contacted me about working a portrait session into their vaction. Originally from here, she said she wanted the train tracks and something desert-y. After seeing some of her photos of Kentucky, I thought "Of course! There is no way Nevada's struggling-to-stay-alive-green grass can compare to the lush, vibrant beauty that is Kentucky." So we started out at the tracks...

...and quickly discovered how unbelievably hot it was, and changed our plans...

Upon arriving in Old Town BC, we noticed a large amount of other photographers walking around. I had to ask. It was the "Worldwide Photowalk." Wow, how'd I miss that? OK, so it's only the second annual, and I was out taking pictures so I guess I participated.

Isn't she a dollface? I think the ponytail really adds to me thinking she looks just like a perfect little ballerina.

I love this one of Dad & Daughter. There is a lovely little series of shots of this moment, but this is my favorite. Precious.


Looking For Something Different?

For those of you who haven't seen this yet, enjoy.

Oh, my favorite are the first two bridesmaids.

I have not ever witnessed a wedding march quite so lively (especially in a church!!)

Imagine the possibilities awaiting you for your walk down the aisle, your grand entrance into the reception, and let's not forget your first dance.

Yesterday's wedding party walked (no, not danced) down the aisle to the following song.

When I very first heard this song, I #1. Loved it, of course, and #2. Knew that it was going to be the new "our song" for all the cute little couples out there. And why not? It's a great love-y song. I'd sing it to my husband.

What is your "song"?


Forrest + Melissa

He worked at the movie theater. He had just sworn off dating co-workers.

And then she walked in.

The two have hardly spent a moment apart since!! Forrest and Melissa smiled non-stop (er, except for the few serious poses I managed to eek out of them) I could really feel the love and joy emanating out of these two. These are pre-wedding portraits, including the First Look post. The wedding is set for August. Congratulations you two!

Some details...

Melissa wore a cathedral-length veil which is just GORGEOUS! Rock on girl!

I really feel like I am only scratching the surface with this post. However, I have to limit myself somehow.


First Look

This is what's called a "First Look" The bride & groom opt to see each other before the wedding ceremony. It calms some of those wedding jitters, they get a few private moments to themselves before the big show of the ceremony and the reception and all that follows, and we get a chance to take some photos!! More to come in the next post.


Oh yeah, My Vacation

My summer vacation was filled with fun, sun, rain, rest, relaxtion, city parks, national parks, religious monuments, nature walks, miniature golf courses, In-N-Out, outlet shopping, antique shopping, thrift shopping, a lavender farm, a street rod car show, Disney/Pixar's Up, a temple open house, a temple visitor's center, german pretzels, riding Trax, family history teaching moments, visiting with old friends, family, barbecues, small town 4th of July parades, firework mishaps, weeding the garden, monster mosquito bites, playing pool & air hockey, four wheelers and horses, and of course Lehi Mills and Cafe Rio. I'm sure there was more, but I can't remember it all right now.

The only problem was my children refused to put on the cute clothes I packed for them and pose for me for pictures. I guarantee it: Photographing one's own kids is the hardest portrait session. I chose not to argue with them. We were on vacation. Result: not so many "blog-worthy" pictures.

Here is the posh condo we stayed in our first few nights in St. George. This condo was actually in the Coral Canyon area by Hurricane.
I've never seen such tall doors on a closet.
aaahh, we went swimming every day. My four-year-old finally learned how to swim and it was so easy.
Visiting a friend in Cache Valley. What a beautiful place. I could get used to that!!!
My kids love "the Farm".


All Girls

Until yesterday!! These girls just got a brand new baby brother!!! Which is part of the reason behind these portraits. The mom says to me, "The pictures hanging on the wall are from two years ago. If I don't get some pictures taken before this baby comes, Rory (the youngest girl) is going to think I never took any pictures of her!!"

Reason #157 to Get Portraits Done: So Child #3 (and #4 and #5 and so on) will know she is loved.

And love them, we do.



Pictures are supposed to be worth a thousand words right? This kiddo is perfectly content when eating. And he can pack it away! And make a giant mess while doing so. I thought this set-up would be perfect for him. However, he didn't make nearly the mess I had planned on and he wasn't really even interested in eating! Gasp!! Oh well, you get what you get sometimes...

Do you have a story to tell?
I recently saw on another blog the photographer was hired to capture the family in their house and around their town before they moved. I think this is a great idea and will definitely put that one to use (you know, because I plan on moving in the far distant future...)

I am still offering free birth photography so I can build up my portfolio in that regard. I don't think people realize what an important story that is to tell!!! I recently was talking to a group of fellow photographers (about 6 of us) and we each voiced a desire to have a photographer at our next birth.


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