Zack + Brooke. Engaged.

Zack and Brooke met a few years ago and "hung out" for a while. Then one day he brought her flowers and officially asked her to be his girlfriend. So sweet!! After hearing about then, I asked how he proposed and Zack said "I just asked her. I was afraid if I planned anything big, that she would suspect something, so I just surprised her and asked her." And she said yes! I've known Brooke for a few years now, and she's always been a pretty girl, but WOW she's gorgeous!

These last two are pretty awesome in color, but the vintage look is pretty sweet too. And Brooke is so fierce!


Uber Fabulous Freebirth {Las Vegas Birth Photographer}

This birth is such perfection in so many ways. Dustin & I went to high school together. We ran into each other a few years after graduation and we had both become photographers. After a few more years, I had the thought to look him up. Thank you Mark Zuckerburg for inventing Facebook. :) Little did I know, the night before I found him on FB, Dustin's wife had spent an hour on my blog! She was looking for a birth photographer. Fast forward a few weeks. While gathering all the necessary info, I ask who their midwife is. Desi responds with "We've decided to do a freebirth" (an birth unattended by a midwife or doctor) and I got goosebumps! Desi's last birth was so fast her midwife didn't make it, and I can totally relate to that! After all the "coincidences" and the way things had happened so perfectly, I knew this birth would be awesome and felt honored to be invited to be a part of it!

So Wednesday night I get a call. In the birth business, you know even before looking at the phone, that anyone who is calling that late is someone who is in labor! Just minutes before, I had been thinking about Dustin & Desi, thinking "I should make sure all my gear is together" etc, and then I got the phone call! I hopped in the car and prayed I didn't get caught speeding on the way to their house. Desi's last labor was only one hour, and I live 45 minutes from her house! Luckily I made it, and without a speeding ticket.

Upon arrival at their house, I noticed felt a beautiful feeling in the home. It was a feeling of simplicity and love and is summed up by this quote plaque: There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort, by Jane Austen. There are many people who think homebirthers are crazy, but this plaque says it all. While applicable to nearly all situations in life, it is especially appropriate for this birth. No hospital or birth center room in the world can compare to your own house and your own bed. I want one of these plaques for my house!!

A few lovely details. This star is taped to the bathroom door. Mom is a star!

Many women often find the most comfortable place to labor is on the toliet.

These hands would soon catch his newborn daughter.

I love how these two worked together. Dustin was such a rock and Desi was so cool & collected. My friends say I make it look easy, oh no, Desi makes it look easy! She birthed this baby without making a sound!

Little Miss R is not so little! 9.5 pounds!
Congratulations on the gorgeous new addition to your family!
Remember! Freebirthing and even homebirth are not for everyone, nor does everyone agree with it. If you have a mean comment, please keep it to yourself. D & D did have a close friend a neighbor who is an incredibly experienced and knowledgeable doula & childbirth educator come over after the baby was born, I just didn't post a picture of her. :)
Oh yes. And right as the baby was coming out, this song came on... I love it. I think I'm going to have to learn how to play it.


So Patient You Are....

I know, I know... You've been waiting and apparently I've been waaaaaay busy. On top of regular life, I have a birth I can't wait to share with you, a darling family session, a super fun wedding, and now my give-away winner!!

Quite a few of you had 4 or more entries (good job!) and one of them is our winner! Congratulations to Lara!!! You've just yourself won your self a mini-session!

I've got another give-away up my sleeve.... something for Christmas... and another trip to Utah planned. Email me if you want to book a Utah session!


Call Me Cash

Meet Cassius, or Cash for short. Oh, yes, you met him a few weeks ago, but these are his official portraits. Cash is one week old in these images. He is a fantastic eater, so much so that he too peed and pooed on nearly everyone involved. :) And he didn't want to sleep either. At my house we call that "determined." I think he's ready to tackle the world!

This little sweetie didn't want to sit still for us. But we got this totally awesome shot! I love it!!
Don't forget the give-away posted below!!! 3 days left to enter!!!!


Win This!

No, not the baby... I just put her on here so you could have something cute to look at.

Win a mini-session! My friend Brooke is running a similar give-away on her blog, and since I want to win hers (photographers need portrait sessions too, you know!), I figured I'll run a give-away as well. :)
WIN: A half hour mini-session in Boulder City. Good for an individual up to an immediate family. Includes a disc of of your best 10 or so images. Book your mini-session before Thanksgiving!
WHO: Well Logic would say this give-away is open to people who are willing to travel to Boulder City, BUT I think I can make some concessions for people who live in Utah, since I will be travelling there this year. Go ahead, Utah friends, WIN THIS!
HOW: Lots of ways. Became a Facebook Fan. Post about the give-away on Facebook including a link. Post about it on your blog and include a link. You can even tweet about it if you want! Get an entry for each time, and another one for leaving a comment here. Tell me how many entries you get AND tell me what your favorite scary movie is!
WHEN: Contest ends Friday, Oct 15 at midnight PST. Winner will be determined by (The winner of my last contest maxed out her entry options!! It paid off!!)
WHY: Because I'm in a giving mood. Just for fun. And I'd want to win a portrait session right before Christmas. I totally need a family shot for my Christmas cards!


It's a Full House

Lily has a rather interesting story. While visiting friends in Las Vegas, she goes into labor about 11 weeks early!! Ace was born, and Lily, a professional poker player, decided to put down some roots and call Vegas home. And the poker playing gig is super awesome, because Lily plays online which means she gets to stay at home with Ace all the time. I think any single mom would agree with me that that's incredible. Ace is pretty lucky. And he's got a really cool blanket handmade by a close friend. The best part is.... it's reversible! Ace has another special blanket made by Grandma at the bottom of the post. Welcome to Vegas, Ace! We hope you like it here!

Ace and his godfather. Yeah, Ace is that cool. :)


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