Nothing Like Waiting Until the Last Minute...

So, I'm really good at putting off getting my own portraits done. Here are MY maternity portraits taken a mere 48 hours before my contractions started. My wonderfully agreeable husband hiked through a mosquito-infested flower field with me in the almost-high-noon sun to take these shots of me. I know, not the best conditions.... but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Especially when you are 38.5 weeks along and know that the baby could come any day!

The good news is that I'm not pregnant anymore!!! Our baby was born Tuesday. I will have a full post with more details and pictures soon!


Super Fun Wedding Details

There is something unmistakeably romantic about a red rose. I took a variety of ring shots at this wedding, but this is the one that is standing out to me the most right now.
Don't you loooove the bride's shoes?

This is the Groom's Cake - a tower of Hostess Cupcakes! All the kids at the reception were in Heaven. It is so fun when couples really make the wedding celebration their own. The official wedding cake had Mickey Mouse heads discreetly piped onto the sides of the cake. A previous bride & groom ditched the cake altogether and served root beer floats at their reception. I love the personality that can (and should) be injected into a party such as this. This bride was no exception. She knew what she wanted and she's an excellent planner/coordinater/director. I was very impressed with how smoothly the day went. :)
Another fun idea of the bride & groom's - have the "sign-in book" be a piece of furniture! It has a functional purpose - it's a table - and a sentimental purpose - it's a constant reminder of their wedding day and of all the love & support their wonderful friends have for them. They also had a "picture booth" at the reception. There was a curtained-off area with hats, leis, feather boas, and all sorts of fun costume-y things. There was also dry erase boards to write captions on! So the guests could get dressed up, write a funny remark or a nice congratulations, and have their picture taken with their best smile or their silliest face. What fun for the guests!!
Girlfriend, you are stunning!
This is from our Pre-Wedding Portrait Session at Lake Las Vegas. Love it, love it, love it!
I'm a big fan of little moments like this.


Amazing Birth Story!

My clients Angela & Mike had a bit of an adventure last week. Their baby came seven weeks early!! He's a little guy but he's healthy, and everyone is fine - he just decided to come early! (Hey, wait a minute... I was due much before Angela and I'm still pregnant!) Anyways Angela's birth story even made the newspaper - check out this article in the Las Vegas Sun for the full report. Congratulations to Angela, Mike & little Max!

Congratulations also to Kim & Shea whose baby was also born last week. There must have been something in the air last week...


Kim. Maternity.

Kim is 37 weeks in these portraits. She is expecting a boy this time around - hence all the blue ribbons, etc. His big sister is quite the character. She kept me laughing throughout the whole session. Congratulations Kim & Family, and I can't wait to hear about your new little boy when he gets here!


Valentine's Day Contest Winners!

This is one fabulous couple! And I know there are a lot of people out there who feel the same way. Even though my contest was won randomly, I couldn't have hand-picked a more deserving couple. You can read their story here.

After first getting to know them when I shot their daughter's wedding almost 2 years ago (wow, time flies!), my appreciation for Meegan & Rey has only grown since. They are such lovely people and I am so pleased to have been able to provide them with these portraits. And they were so up for anything I said! We discussed movies, history, raising kids, and Rey even entertained himself with my son's lightsaber as we drove a short distance to our location. Sweet!

Feel the sweetness!


Abercrombie Model

I think there is a future in modeling for this hansdome dude.


Maternity Leave

No, this is not me, although I wouldn't mind a shot of myself like this. This is a sneak peak for Kim.
Announcing my own Maternity Leave. I'm slightly sad. But it's for the best. After three easy, uncomplicated pregnancies and deliveries, I really shouldn't complain about having to "slow down" the last four weeks of this pregnancy. I won't be accepting portrait sessions between now and mid-to-late August (it's too hot anyways!!). However I will have plenty of things to post on the blog including hopefully my own maternity pics, so don't be a stranger. And if you decide at the last minute you want a birth photographer, you can totally tempt me with that one - I'll probably say yes. :)

And watch for special announcements for fall & Christmas sessions!!!


Four Boys!

I had the pleasure of photographing these four darling boys a week or two ago. Ok and their parents and grandparents. The boys steal the show though, because they are so stinkin' cute! I love the similarities and the differences between them with their individual personalities and coloring. And they are rather close together in age, so I really had to stay on top of things to make sure I was calling the right kid by the the right name! :)
We did get some "perfect" family shots, but these are the ones I really want to share with you!!!

I think she deserves a Super Mom Award!!!


Happy Belated Fourth of July!

This is my first real attempt at fireworks, with a tripod & cable release & all. Boulder City puts on a pretty good show. I'm slightly disappointed my shot of the firework that blew up on the ground didn't turn out. Ground explosions always make for exciting shows :)
Stay tuned for more portrait posts. I am getting caught up even though I don't feel 100% yet.


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