My Clients Have Good Taste....

.... in clothing, that is!!!! Check out these fun outfits & accessories! The hat & the jacket and the ballet flats! Super cute. Let's not forget the last post with Vikki's pettiskirts, jean jackets and t-shirts she monogrammed HERSELF!

This is a fun little sequence at the end of the session.

Smiling at his mama 'cuz he was soooooo done. :)


Spring Portraits... and Traveling

I met Vicki and her girls on a gorgeous afternoon. Our location was not too far from my house, so I walked to our session, which was so lovely. May I say, Nevada is so pleasant when it's not hot. Vicki used to live here but has since moved to Texas. She came all the way back to have a portrait session with me!! Ok, I'm exaggerating, but it is flattering when people work me into their precious vacation time. But hey, I can come to you! I just need a handful of sessions booked for your city and I'm all yours. Speaking of, now announcing Utah Orchard Sessions on August 6th in the Salt Lake/Provo area. Email me for info.

And now, on with Vicki's girls!

More coming soon! Vicki's friend that she was visiting also did a session. Portraits with Friends, I like it!


Happy Earth Day Birthday

It's this pretty lady's birthday today. And it's Earth Day. We're going for a hike. And my son wants to buy a push mower for our new backyard. I think it's a great idea. Especially since he's the one who will be doing the mowing... :)


Things that I Love....

Newborns. Black & white. Tiny feet. Funny story about this above image here: Andrew was so nervous about holding the baby without a diaper on. As soon as I said we were done with this pose, he passed her off to Amy, insisting he didn't want to get peed on (or worse). So then we did some shots of Amy and sure enough, we had a mess to clean up. A poo mess. Luckily, not on Amy's shirt, though. We did some cleaning and kept right on shooting! Amy is a photographer as well. It's so flattering to be hired by another photographer!!

By request, the scale travels. (Certain restrictions apply!)

Poor Mylar.... not the only baby in the house anymore.... :)


Tanja Lippert Workshop. Model.

A few weeks back - ok, months now - I received an email forwarded from a photographer friend about Tanja Lippert looking for models for her "Art of Directing" workshop. She was looking for a blonde haired girl between the ages of 5 and 10. Hey, my daughter fits the bill perfectly! And so... Avery was scheduled to be a model. We shopped for clothing and accessories, we gathered possible props, we talked about what it's like to model and get your hair & make up done like our friend Mary does, and then... the day came. It was a Thursday. She got to skip school! (That's always fun!) We drove downtown and met up with Tanja & her group. We watched as fellow models, Ryan Muirhead and Paige Smith got ready for the first part of the shoot. We watched Tanja lead the group in directing Ryan & Paige. And don't let the sun & short sleeves fool you. It was February and it was WINDY and it got COLD!

And then.... it was Avery's turn. Hair, make up, costume, the works.

This is me trying not to interfere by shooting from behind all the workshop attendees. Getting shoulders and arms in my images :)

You can see Tanja's images from the afternoon by clicking here.


Happy Palm Sunday


Punk Rock Baby

Baby Brooke was a fantastic little sleeper for her portrait session and was still zonked out near the end when her mom said, "Can we use my husband's guitars??" Well, OF COURSE!!! She pulled out these two beauties and I had to smile. I have some of the same band stickers on my guitar case! Add in a rockabilly hair bow and Brooke is one rockin' babe! Notice the reflection of the toes. That's my favorite part.

The new branch is pretty sweet, eh?

I love generational images. Grandma, Mom, and Daughter.


Life is a Splendid Gift {Las Vegas Birth Photographer}

Yesterday at 3:23pm, Desirae posted on Facebook "I don't remember ever learning such a lesson in patience as the one being taught to me by our preborn son. And I considered myself a fairly patient person..." Desirae still had two days until her "due date." At 8:15pm, I commented that anywhere between 38 and 42 weeks is considered "normal gestation" and I encouraged her patience. Thirty short minutes later, I got a phone call from Desirae's mother, saying it was a fast labor, they were at the hospital and she was at 8 cm! Words cannot describe how fantastic Desirae labored. This is her first pregnancy/delivery and she makes it look sooooo effortless! And after the baby was born, Desirae said she felt great!

I entered the birthing room to find this: a serene Desirae who hardly made a peep when a contraction came along. 9:18pm

I took a ton of hand shots at this birth. I love the feelings of love and support that I see in these images.

10:13pm Desirae's water has broken and she's quite near 10cm at this point.

10:24pm. Ok, I have to include one "pushing" picture, because, otherwise, everyone would think Des just slept right through the birth!! :)
10:48pm. Baby is born and Mom becomes Grandma for the first time. Big smiles of excitement, love and pride and also tears of joy.

Baby Jax himself was quite serene. The nurses were concerned about him "not crying". I think he just didn't have a reason to cry. He came into this world in a very calm, smooth manner and that's nothing to scream about.

Texting the news! Desirae is actually telling her boss she won't be in the next day.


St. Rose Sienna Hospital

Dr. Liliana Leon

Hynobirthing Instructor Marcie Webb

And by the way, some of my other birth images are featured on this hypnobirthing site.


jessica B photography

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