What an Honor!

I love it when my brides have babies!!! You know, people hire photographers for the "most important day of their lives" - their wedding day - why not hire a photographer for the other most important, life-changing days in your life? Angie invited me to join them, and of course I said yes!


Hello, Baby Girl!

Well, knowing that Angie had a 30 hour labor with her first baby, and the first 12 hours of this labor progressing slowly but steadily, I think we were all a bit surpirsed at her going from being "at a 5 or a 6" to having the baby out within a hour & a half! And wouldn't you know it, I got there right when the baby came out. So I don't have any uncomfortable face pictures or "I'm pushing" pictures. Ideally, I would've liked to have been there for more of the laboring process, but I'll spare you all of my excuses of why I could not endure Angie's 15 hour labor with her. Nevertheless, say hello to Riley Jean. October 30 at 4:22pm, weighing 7 lbs 6 oz and is 19.5 inches tall.

Sooooo precious!!!!
I love this one.
And I love this one!
Is she Mason's sister or what???


Waiting.... Waiting.....

It's 1:00am on a late Wednesday night.

Love this one.
More to come!


An Alternative to Those School Pictures

Fun actions and textures found here.


My Pumpkin Man

After eight attempts at taking his picture, I am going to call this good. Maybe next time I'll hire somebody else to do it for me....

And this because he eats so much!

Happy 1st Birthday!



No, not Halloween hauntings, it's the Pumpkinman Triathlon! I parked myself at the top of the bike climb (for the view, of course) and here comes my sister. Smiling. Strange, indeed. Anybody who tackles this hill on a bike deserves definate awesomeness points!
As you can see, we had some patchy clouds. Great for my sister. Not so great for her husband.


Soccer Mania!


What a Sweetheart


Making a Picture

My husband glanced over at what I was doing last night and says, "Oh, are you making a picture?" I didn't even have my camera gear out yet! But he can tell!! This is the latest assignment of the week: Painting with Light. Kind of moody, isn't it? I used an emergency LED flashlight. I love the blue cast it gives!
ISO 200, 6 seconds at f/3.2, 50mm lens, and the flashlight


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