Growing Up

This boy's birthday is in August. He just got glasses and went to his first day of school. That's a busy month!


Love. Family.

Well, if this last post was about the beauties of being a parents, then this new post is about the joys of being a grandparent. I often get calls from people saying "My family is finally going to be all together in one place and we need a family portrait" Of course this is a great opportunity and you have a great need for it. The grandkids grow, people get married, new babies are born. Your family is constantly changing. Record how your family is right now! Don't be one of those people who say "the last family portrait we did was when Jane was 4 yrs old, and now she's 20!" Peggy & Jon are a fantastic couple. They have this wonderful sense of humor between the two of them that is just so fun. They were able to spend an entire weekend with their three sons and their beautiful wives, plus a handful of grandkids. And they shared a small part of their weekend with me! ;)

This family is full of gorgeous people!!! Love it!


Just One for Today.


Moments to Hold on to...

Honestly, I expected myself to delete this image. But I am holding onto it because it is a perfect illustration of what being a parent is. Audrey & James aren't perfectly placed, or posed. Their attention is directed somewhere other than the topic at hand (getting their picture taken). They are focusing on their children and their wants & needs and their happiness. It's not a perfect portrait or a perfect work of art, but it is a perfect moment to remember.

The one shot James requested was of he & his little girl walking together, so we tried a couple different views of it. I love both of these.


7 Days Old and 7 Pounds


Birth. Unplugged.

When a woman has had two previous homebirths, she usually does not end up here. But for personal reasons, Christa chose to give birth to her third child in a hospital. However, she still wanted to birth like she did at home - she wanted things to be her way, the way she was comfortable, the way she knew worked for her. Christa's birth is unlike any other hospital birth I've seen. She was not hooked up to a single machine, there were no wire or cords or tubes attached to her, she wore her own robe (the hospital gown was behind an armchair - lol - I'm assuming it slipped off the back of the chair), she snacked on crackers and sipped Gatorade, Norah Jones was playing on the iTunes, and I'm honestly surprised she gave birth on the bed :) Christa didn't spend much time on the bed until right when the baby was born. I'm betting the doctor & nurse have never seen a birth quite like Christa's!! :)

Christa is a great example of a strong and determined woman. I didn't include a picture of this in the post, but hanging in the bathroom was Christa's make-up bag. The logo on the bag was "StrongMoms" Christa you are one strong mama! Thank you for having me at your birth!

This was a new sight for me! :) The husband on the bed instead of the laboring wife! I arrived at the hospital around 8:00am. Christa was at "6 to 7 cm" and was quite relaxed and calm. At one point, she even asked the nurse "Is this normal?"

Christa explaining to her daughter how the muscles contract to push the baby out.
Waiting.... waiting.... 9:46am & 11:03am....
After a few hours of "not much progress" although being at "a 6 or a 7", the doctor suggested breaking the water. Christa, being very anxious to meet her new baby, agreed and things picked up rather quickly after that. 1:07pm
Pat was fabulously supportive. I love the looks of concern on his face.
Their first look at their new baby boy!! 1:39pm
Christa is beginning to tear up here.
He's a little on the big side of the things :) 8 pounds 15 ounces and 21 inches!
Both Grandma's came in from out-of-state.
Big sister meets her brother!


Hold Them Tight

My first thought when I saw this picture was "They grow up too fast"
There may be moments that are crazy, moments that are frustrating, but soon they will grow up... Hold them tight, give them loves.


Jack & Tabiona

On our last trip to Utah, I discovered this crate at my parent's house. "Perfect," I thought. "Now I just need a blanket and a wood floor." Our next stop was a family reunion in Tabiona. Lo, and behold, Aunt Kathy had the exact blanket I was envisioning and a wood floor. Perfect.
Jack is about 6 weeks in these images. He's a bit of a chunker compared to my little mouse. Those cheeks! and lips!! This is the backyard of the house we stayed at. Our two-day stay was waaaaaay toooo short!


Returning the Favor {Las Vegas Birth Photographer}

Brooke photographed my birth, and now it's my turn to photograph her birth! I got the call at six this morning and was soon on my way to the hospital. When I arrived, her water had already broken, and received an epidural shortly after my arrival. Everything seemed pretty low-key, and I was beginning to think I should've brought a book or something! Just then nurse checks and says "we're ready!" The baby was born about an hour after I arrived.

You can't really tell in this image but Brooke's doctor is also pregnant. How fun!! After the short time I spent with her, I'd say Dr. Kneesel is fabulous and I'd recommend her! I'm not kidding when I say this - Brooke is pushing in this picture.
Cody turning into "a boob" as he calls it. It is sooooo sweet to see the dads getting emotional.

Congratulations you two!!
Luke born at 8:17am. 8 pounds even, 20 inches long.

I've got more I would love to post from this birth, but I think I need a nap. It's been a super busy weekend...


More Gems from Wheeler Farm

Well, my last family had three girls and one boy. This one's the opposite - three boys & one girl! Can you imagine the difference in these two households!?! :)
To me, this one has a very lovely comfortable "at home" feeling to it.

One totally awesome girl.
I've forgotten what she's reading, but she wouldn't hardly put the book down. The two boys are sword-fighting (or maybe lightsaber-fighting) with sticks, and the youngest is happy exploring the grass by himself. This is a rather reflective pose, I've decided. 10 or 15 years ago, did you ever think your life would be what it is now? Are you just amazed at the things you've accomplished and the things you've been blessed with? Love it and live it well.


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