A Star is Born

Hadassah Star was born yesterday. 10:48pm to be exact. Hadassah is the Hebrew version of Esther (as in Queen Esther) and means myrtle tree. A myrtle tree is a strong fragrant tree with beautiful blossoms. Hadassah's mom Marcy shared with me her desire to have an unmedicated childbirth. She labored at home for a while, then arrived at the hospital at "4-5cm." We knew we still had some time before the baby would be born and Marcy did her best to entertain us by singing her way through contractions. She treated us to a medley of Phantom of the Opera, the Kit Kat bar jingle, Oomp Loompa, and the "Oh-wee-oh, Ooooh-oh" from Wizard of Oz. She also would do an almost bird-like whistle as the contraction was subsiding. On top of her beautiful singing an whistling, she spoke such encouraging words such as "I love contractions! Contractions are my best friend!" And the look on Jeremy's face was priceless. It still makes me smile! Marcy labored like a champ. As she progress further, she quieted her singing and whistling, and at 9cm there were moments where she was so relaxed, we couldn't even tell she was having a contraction! Way to go Marcy!!! There were precious moments when Jeremy whispered her "I'm so proud of you" and when Marcy asked him to pray for her. He prayed for Marcy to have strength and safety and protection. It was a gorgeous prayer. At the beginning of her labor, Marcy actually apologized for interupting my Sunday. I think this was a fine way to spend the Sabbath!

Isaiah 55:13 ...instead of the briar shall come up the myrtle tree...
Welcome to the world Hadassah!


Warm Fuzzies

After a rather f-r-e-e-z-i-n-g session, Heidi knew just what I needed. The perfect photographer gloves. Gloves that you didn't need to take off just ot fiddle with the dials & buttons on your camera. Gloves that have sneaky little holes that you can peek your cute little fingertips out of. My hands feels so pampered, so loved. And the gloves are almost elbow length! Can you imagine me sporting these bad boys in a T-shirt? I can't wait for that occasion to present itself, because I'm definitely going to rock that! Heidi also made this darling headband for my darling daughter. I think I might *borrow* it sometime. And the tags!! Have you ever seen such a thing??? Love it! Heidi is absolutely fabulous!


Good-Bye Space Shuttle

I'm kind of sad. No more shuttle launches???!?!


A Tiny Seed

Isn't it crazy how tiny seeds can grow into such incredible things? Babies are so amazing. So. Amazing.

Can I just say how much I loooove this chalkboard. I want one!!!


Ryan + Celeste. Engaged.

Aaahhhhhh... Engagement sessions are quite fun. The couples are always so cute, the girls beautiful and the boys can't keep their eyes off their girls. It is very fun to capture moments for couples at the beginning of the rest of their lives together! Such excitement & anticipation!!

Celeste and Ryan met on a blind date. They have a mutual friend (the lovely Michelle) who had been dropping hints like mad that they should meet. The two finally consented and soon hit it off. In planning the details for this session, Celeste said "we're both forrible decision makers." I responded with "Well, you've decided to get married so you're doing pretty good so far!" Ryan and Celeste enjoy fishing & hiking and will be tying the knot later this spring in Lake Tahoe. Congrats you two!!!


The Art Book - Custom Designed Albums

Oh, the Art Book, how do I love thee... Let me count the ways!

Super thick pages that won't bend or tear.
Lay-flat binding.
Panoramic pages with no cuts - this means no loss of images down the crease of the book where you can't see it!
Personalized covers using an image from your session.
Presentation box keeps the book safe when not on display.

These books are so incredibly awesome. So awesome.


Simple Things

Like flowers in the windows and afternoon sun. Eyelashes, curls, and smiles. Holding a newborn, freshly baked bread, chocolate chip cookies and milk. Dancing because it's fun and singing at the top of your lungs. Going for a drive. Saying "I love you." I like simple things.


A Post about My Love

I think what I love most about him is how incredibly supportive he is. He's never said one negative thing to/about me. He encourages me in every way possible, whether it's canning an entire full-grown tree's worth of apricots, acquiring a giant swing set for the kids, pursuing photography endeavors, or having a girls' night out. He tells me I'm gorgeous (and he means it!) even if I haven't showered for days. He gives me the hot waffle off the waffle iron. Now that, my friends, is True Love.

This was taken on our honeymoon almost 9 years ago (hello film! developed & printed personally by me!). It's still one of my favorite pictures of him. After a week-long cruise, we rested in a New Orleans park. The breeze wafted in from the river and church-goers exited St. Louis Cathedral with their palm fronds in hand. It was a lovely afternoon to be celebrating Palm Sunday and to be spending with my new husband!
See the hearts? He cut those out this morning (since he gets up earlier than I do) and decorated the house with them.


Happy Valentine's Day Eve

I like Eves. Like Halloween Eve. And Thanksgiving Eve. And Christmas Eve Eve.


A Twist of Fate

My husband played football in high school. I went to a total of two football games my entire high school career. I think I was severely lacking in school spirit. Or friends who played football.

Fast forward thirteen years to last October. My alma mater was playing my small town for their Homecoming game (why I'm not really sure, since they're in different leagues!) Homecoming (and I think the football games in general) is a big night around here. It seems like the entire town comes out for the game. And so we went. That's good date night planning on my part! Football = happy hubby.

We watched, we cheered, we chatted with friends, we rooted for the home team of course! Then two guys sack one of our players at the same time. He's down... for a long time. The stadium grows quiet. The coaches come on the field, the paramedics, and the parents. It turns out, my alma mater has broken my cousin's leg.

After many doctor visits, surgery, crutches, and a missed Homecoming dance (his date watched a movie with him - what a good girl!), Sean's leg is now healed, but the doctors and his coaches still want him to take it easy. As the captain of the basketball team, he's sat the bench the entire season. Until last week.

The last home game is "Seniors Night". Sean was allowed to start the game. Although he was only in play a short time, he played, leg and all! Rock on Sean!

Sean is on the right.

BTW I am having soooooo much fun doing these sports sessions!!!


Custom Designed Cards

Designing cards has been quite fun! These are a few I've made over the past few months. I love seeing the final product come together. The cards have a finish to them: Linen, Stipple, or Felt. Textures are wonderful. And I'm not going to repost the wide-fold card, but you can see it here.

Postcard style flat cards: front and back.

Folded Cards: showing the front, inside, and back of the card.
Cash's mom wrote the poem. Lovely!

Danika's room is decorated in butterflies and dragonflies.

A sweet little card perfect for sticking in Thank You notes!


jessica B photography

Specializing in Las Vegas birth photography and newborn photography. Jessica B is also available for weddings and portrait sessions.

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