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A long long long time ago.... ok, last November.... I went to a model shoot put together by a friend. Yes, it was November, which means super busy time of year for me. In the same week that I attended this shoot, I did a maternity session, an Eagle Scout, a newborn session, and a family. So while I was standing with a handful of other photographers watching and directing and photographing our lovely models, I thought to myself "When am I EVER going to edit these images??" And for months they have been continually pushed onto the back burner. Well, lo and behold, I have a small break and thought it was time. These poor images deserve it, they've been waiting so long!

We actually had 5 sets of models, 5 different "stations" we could rotate through. However, it is a little different (huh, a little?) than a regular portrait session in that there are a number of photographers all trying to photograph the same person you are!! Where does the model look? Which directing voice does she listen to?? And now, months later I am super picky about which images were even worth editing, since this shoot was for me and not a client. Wow, this is an interesting process. Ah well, I'd do it again. Model shoots are fun and chatting with the other photographers is fun and making new friends is always good. :)


First Birthday Party {Las Vegas Children's Photographer}

Ace's mom contacted me in January to "save the date" for his First Birthday. I was excited then, and am still excited now. I want to have a photographer follow me & my family around for the rest of my life!! Ok, maybe not the rest of my life, but all major and minor and lots of everyday events. :) There are just so many moments that truly are special, and sometimes they are noteable days like a child's first birthday and sometimes they are random times like tucking into bed at night. Plus, I need to be in the pictures once in a while.

Now, on to Ace's birthday! Friends & family came from far & wide, the decor & party favors were super cute, the cake was so an engineering feat!, and the light on the staircase was divine. Happy Birthday Ace! Thanks for letting me celebrate with you!!

A few fantastic details from the Baby Einstein-themed party. Ace loves Baby Einstein.
The caterpillar cake. WOW!

The Ace Blanket.


Liam {Las Vegas Family Photographer}

You know, portraits are a lot of work for moms. We stress about things like clothes, shoes, hair, make-up, a clean house or the perfect location, and mostly that we'll have happy, co-operative family members. And then.... the baby chooses to fight his naps on the day of the portrait session, the kids fall asleep in the car on the way to the location, little brother got a goose egg a few days before and now it's a lovely green bruise on his forehead, someone spilled on their shirt or forgot an important accessory, etc, etc. In spite of all the careful planning and preparation, stuff like this happens all the time!! Honestly, I've had many moms look at me at the end of the session and say "Well, I hope you got something." Rest assured mamas, yes I got something!!

Little Liam was one who was off his nap schedule the day of his session. After a few minutes of waking up, we hit it off just fine! Say hello to this darling face!!!


Christmas in July {Las Vegas Family Photographer}

Let's CELEBRATE this incredibly hot summer with a SALE!!!! All custom designed cards on are now on sale BUY ONE GET ONE FREE until July 31st. I've found that things go much smoother when a person plans ahead, and this is a fantastic opportunity to plan ahead and save money at the same time. Make the back-to-school-and-all-the-holidays season less stressful by investing now! Using images from your recent session with me (either already taken or scheduled for the fall), your custom cards are not limited to Christmas greeting card usage. If you are expecting a baby, moving, getting married, celebrating a birthday or anniversary, etc, I'm flexible. Cards must be ordered by November 30, 2011.

This is just a small smattering of what's available. There's the traditional cards - horizontal, vertical, and wide folded cards and flat postcards in 4x5 and 5x7 sizes. The tri-fold is a 5x5 square. New this year are the Mod Card shapes, which I do not yet have a sample, sorry. These come in 5x5 and 5x7 sizes and are circles and ovals and other fancy-edged cards. Very fun if you are looking for something a little different. Custom cards are $70 per set of 25 traditional cards and $85 per set of 25 mod cards and the tri-folds, so with the sale that's $70 for 50 traditional cards, $170 for 100 mod cards, etc. Yeah, pretty good sale if you ask me! Prices do not include tax.


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