A Sneak Peak

If I'm not mistaken, this guy is off to college and this girl is probably missing him!! :(

More from this session soon... Mike's got twin sisters and they're GORGEOUS!


Home Waterbirth fit for a Queen

It's taken me much longer than I've intended to blog about this birth. August was a bit of a busy month and with the kids home all day, my work hours were very limited. So since school has officially started, I can get back into the groove!

This is Nikki's third birth, but first homebirth. Her second daughter was born quite fast, and so of course we all expected another quick birth, but you never can plan these things! I got a phone call around 11:00pm. The midwives and I stayed with Nikki and her family through the night. By morning we knew everyone, most importantly Nikki, needed some rest. And so I was called back around noon that day, and a few hours later Nikki had herself another girl! And Nikki has given them each a name of a Queen, which I think is very fun.
I thought it very appropriate to have these two figurines in the bedroom.
11:46pm The little ones are fast asleep.

By the way, Byron was introduced to Angry Birds tonight.


3:36pm I quite like this image.

She definitely has Nikki's lips!
A true knot.
Grandma sending out a text saying "She is here and beautiful. Momma did great!"
Meeting baby sister!
Congratulations Nikki & Byron!
Home waterbirth delivery attended by midwife April Kermani and assistant Marcie Webb


Celebrating with a Sale!

To celebrate my last few days of being 30, I'm having a sale!! Now until midnight on Saturday, September 3rd - my birthday - take $30 off any size canvas! Thanks for celebrating with me :)


Hold Me Maternity

Christina has got a teeny tiny baby belly. She's 35 weeks along in these images. And those are her regular jeans. I know, not fair, eh? :) Unbeknownst to her, Christina belongs to a group a pretty cool girls who all have had a few kids, then waited a few years, and then had another! With Heather, Mary, and Kellee in the club, Christina is in very good company. (Yes, I just made up a club for ya'll. You can thank me later!)

This is where I got the idea for the name of this post :)


It's a Girl! Homebirth at the Neighbor's House! {Las Vegas Birth Photographer}

So, I like surprises and I think it's fun to not find out what the baby's gender is until the birth day. For the last few of my children, I've wanted to put out a big bouquet of pink or blue balloons. But I didn't ever really plan it so when it came down to it, I didn't ask anyone to run to the store and buy balloons for me ('cuz I sure wasn't going to!!) so I've never made the "yard announcement" I've wanted to. But Heather and Jared did! And wow, it was a good one!!! After three boys and a nine year gap, Heather gave birth to a precious baby girl!Now, Heather actually had gotten an ultrasound and she knew the baby was a girl, but Jared didn't want to know. So Heather kept this fantastic secret to herself (ok, and maybe a few others). She did go shopping though, so they would be prepared with lots of PINK, and she hid it underneath the green (read: neutral color) blankets in the drawer! LOL!
Baby Girl is literally just minutes old here. She's still resting from her big journey to the world!

Heather resting beautifully, and the midwife Margie Dacko talking to Jared.
The big brothers meeting their sister for the first time!

Heather's house has fantastic light!
The neighborhood kids meeting the new baby! Heather & Jared live in a small community. What an amazing opportunity for the kids there to be exposed to birth as a normal, healthy occurrence!!

Baby's first portrait session! Barely an hour old!
Hello Sweet Pea!
Congratulations Heather & Jared!!!


I Hope They Call Me on a Mission!

Jon is going to Peru to serve a two-year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Jon comes from a fantastic family of six kids. His older three siblings have also served missions, and I don't doubt his two little brothers will serve missions as well. And Jon has the most perfect smile. Ever.

We're missing another brother who is also currently on a mission and a sister who just welcomed another baby to her family.

We'll end with Joshua 24:15 "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."


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