Heather + Mike

Some highlights from Heather & Mike's wedding.

Flowers by the lovely Michelle
I like this shot of Heather looking at her dad as he walks her down the aisle. Very sweet!
Does she not have a perfect smile???


Long Time. No Post.

I feel like I need to post something... so one more of the beautiful Brooke.
Stay tuned for some fun stuff, including Heather & Mike's wedding.

Serretta or Meegan, email me!



Firstly, I am so disappointed in the amount of comments Brooke's senior pics received. COME ON!

Secondly, I've been given an award. I'm still in shock and don't really know what to do with it. Thanks, Mary.

I'm supposed to past it on to 15 other blogs. 15?!?!? So far I've come up with 3. I don't actually read these on a regular basis, but they are clever and insightful and nice to visit. And they'd be surprised to see their names on here :)

Fun with 31 Wish I had thought to do this when I was single. So fun!

the essence of emma

Whitney: the marginal life of a library junkie

All these girls are single. If anyone has any suggestions for a good "mommie" blog.... And don't say C Jane or Nie Nie or TAMN. They are all fine blogs, but I'd be interested in something else. Maybe I'll start reading Jeannette's regularly...

Thirdly, the black lab puppies are on sale even more. Now $200. Get your own clearance dog!


More of Brooke

Because I know she's going to want to see more.


Move over Hilary Duff & Taylor Swift

Any Palmhurst Wardies recognize this girl? She's grown up a bit. Brooke is now an incredibly talented, smart & beautiful graduating senior! She has acted in and even directed a school play, she's one of her high school's valedictorians, she sings, she is an assistant assistant camp director, and she's a most excellent daughter, sister and friend (correct me if I'm wrong on any of this, Brooke!). Her smile lights up the room, er... park. And don't we all wish we had her hair.

This one's for all the parents. You know, to make you cry. Brooke is the oldest child and will be going away to college this fall. You think you cried when your first went to Kindergarten?!? Just wait until she goes to college...
That's all for tonight. You will probably see more of Brooke in the coming days.


Point-and-Shoot Vacation

I know, I know, I can't believe I am posting pictures off my P&S! However, I did have three stress-free beautiful days. I couldn't have asked for anything better.


Need a Mother's Day Present? - Black Lab Puppies for Sale!

Only three males left! $400 each. Take home on Mother's Day! (It's this Sunday, in case you forgot) **** UPDATED 5/20/09 Now get your puppies for only $200!****



Took two girls' pictures.

Delivered two discs.

Lost two dogs.

Found two lost dogs.

Put two dogs in my car.

Went to two malls.

Bought two pairs of shorts.

Bought two kids meals.

Bought two Frosty's.

Played with two friends.

Ate two lettuce wraps.

Changed two shirts.

Survived two portrait sessions.



I found this beautiful texture and had to try it on a beautiful baby!


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