Happy Thanksgiving!

Meet Jeremy, the twelve pound baby (yes, twelve pounds at birth!) He's one of the most laid-back babies I've ever met!



Upon further review of Riley's portraits, I could not resist this!!!


This is Why You Choose Me...

...instead of going to someplace like Kiddie Kandids...

When else can you make Leaf Soup

look for shapes in the clouds

and dog-pile during your portrait session???

I have tons of clients who, when their session is finished, say "Oh that was so easy and so much better than {our last portrait experience}." That's what I'm here for - to make this easy on you! Getting your picture taken should not be a painful experience!! BTW I bet you can't guess which kiddo was the crier.

Yay for Grandpa!


Quite a Lucky Bunch

We were lucky all the way around with this shoot, from the locations to the weather, to the kids not being completely covered with the chicken pox! What a good looking family, eh?

My absolute favorite of the day!
Stay tuned for more. It's a busy time of year for pictures, and of course, Christine, yours are coming soon!!


Zion National Park

One week vacation from the "daily grind." One day at Zion Park. One one-mile hike perfect for three kids and two grandparents!


Riley Jean

(sigh) What a pretty name for a pretty baby!

The almost Halloween baby.


Family of Three

Remember to stretch out your screen if you can't see the whole picture. Sorry, some of these are a littel bigger than normal! Locations used: Grace Community Church, Milo's Best Cellars Restaurant, a local residence (thanks, guys!) and Broadbent Park.


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