What is "Without A Place" Anyway???

Surprisingly, I have been asked this question very few times.

When I was in college, the teacher who saved me from really disliking photography lent me The Americans by Robert Frank. I loved it and decided I wanted to make a book someday (haven't done that yet). I picked Without A Place as the title of my future publication. The idea of Without A Place was first inspired by this photo:

This image was taken in Paris, as we floated on a boat down the Seine River. I loved this picture (now and then) and felt it was a good picture - but not because it was taken in Paris. I don't believe there is anything that "says" Paris or France, no Eiffel Tower, no Arc de Triomphe. And so, it was like a lightbulb went on and I realized that a good piece of art should be relatable (just made up my own word?) to a large variety of people. Some people have never been to Paris or have no desire to go, but lots of people have fed the birds. A picture should not be considered "good" simply because it is of Paris or England or Hawaii or some other far off place. So THAT is what "without a place" is - a good picture can be taken any place, any where.

Can you guess where the rest of these images were taken? Don't know if it's a hint or not, but all of these were taken on film, and then scanned in. This one was published in a college literary magazine!


When I Grow Up, I'm Going to be a.......

After reading The Last Lecture awhile back, of course it led me to reflect upon my own life. When I was little, there are three things that come to mind that I "wanted to be when I grow up".

Firstly, I wanted to be a Mom. Hmmm, well, I think I've got the ball rolling on that one. :)

Secondly, I wanted to be a Photographer. Hmmm, I think I'm got that one as well.

Thirdly, I wanted to be a Fashion Designer. Take a look for yourself. These beauties here are homemade paper dolls circa 1989. Aren't they something?? I've got talent!!
Ok, so my current designs (if I had any) would probably have less fringe.... and not so much orange.... the fishnets are cool though...

So, what did YOU want to be when you grew up? and did you do it?? I want lots of comments on this one! Even from you Blog Stalkers :)

I did have one fleeting moment in college when I wanted to be an astronaut. But I realized being a mom and being an astronaut would be a rather difficult match (although some ladies do it, it wasn't for me), so I'll settle for being a star-gazer instead.



Lesa contacted me for portraits of just herself, which I love hearing those words coming from wives & mothers! Having good pictures of yourself really IS important!! Yesterday I found a story of a mother & father who had NEVER had their portrait together in the 30+ years since their wedding. The son, who is a photographer, insisted on taking some shots of them together because his mom was sick. She passed away a few months after the portraits were taken. DON'T WAIT!! I know I've said this before, but take pictures every year! Of yourself, of you & your spouse, of your kids, and of your family. Don't wait.

Anyway, back to Lesa. Lesa is smiles all the time. She always has a positive outlook on things. She is one of the most thankful people I know. She is a native of Vietnam, and she is forever expressing her gratitude for the blessings of living in the US, for the freedoms she enjoys here, for all the good things in her life (oh, if only all Americans felt this way...) I tried to get here to do some serious, pensive shots, but she had a had time not smiling. So here is Lesa.....



So, very out of the blue, our family attended a rugby match on Saturday. This is actually Goal #27 (of my 30 by 30 goals), because my husband played in high school and I knew he would love to go. Saturday was with less than a day's notice and not much planning, but when it's rugby, it's rugby and you make it happen. Especially when it's BYU rugby, since they are one of the best collegiate teams in the country! BYU is in the stripes, UC Santa Barbara is in the blue & yellow. BYU came out slightly ahead with a score of 50-5. Your next chance to catch BYU rugby live is Feb 12th at 1:00pm at Sam Boyd Stadium (and it's free!). You know we'll be there!

This is rugby: a mess of boys with short shorts winging the ball to each other and tackling at any time. See how many hands are on that ball???
I didn't actually see this one happen, my husband took this shot. I'm assuming all ended well because no ambulances ever arrived. Ouch!
Some handsome spectators.
ALSO - for those interested in an "Essentials of Essential Oils" class, you are in luck. I have an incredibly talented and knowledgable friend who is offering this class (for free) because she's had so many requests for it. So if you are available this Thursday, from 9:30 am to 10:30, email me your RSVP and I will get you directions. She is also doing an herb class in February.



On Great-Grandma's suitcases.

I know, I know, these next two are very similar... but I like them both!

Isn't this just so cute how she is holding her chin???

Again, ending with my favorite shot. I knew it was just perfect when I took it! :)


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