Spring Flowers

My nectarine tree.

What's your favorite thing about spring?


One More!


Happy Easter Portraits!

Isn't this the sweetest face? Well, this little guy was so fast that when the shutter closed he said "All done" and was gone! He was super fast!

Boys are so handsome in white shirts.

Isn't she a doll?

My new favorite places. You never knew BC was so picturesque!



Now Showing: The Business of Being Born

This Thursday at 7:00 in BC.

Watch the trailer here.

Email me for directions. jessica at withoutaplace dot com

Tell your friends.


Photoshop Is On Sale!

Ok, so it's not the whole she-bang, but Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 is on sale at Costco for only $49.99! Go and get it, photo enthusiasts!!


Meet Iszaha

I've never met an "Iszaha/Isaiah" before, and this one lives up to my expectations. Just look at that big beautiful smile!!!

I asked Iszaha if he had a favorite scripture, and he said no, so I'll share mine :) I love Isaiah 49:14-16, and I think 55:12 goes well with this last image.


A Gift of Love

Saturday morning, the ladies of the Henderson Nevada Eldorado Stake of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints gathered for a morning of service. We had collected items for hygiene kits, school kits, baby care kits, military packages, and food and clothing for three local aid agencies. Above, clockwise from left: Elaine H. (LV ward), Ilene P. (MH), Stacy H (OP), Pam B. (EV) and the Foothills ward girls

Above from left: Elaine H. (LV), Ilene P. (MH),
Above from left: Juanita D. (BC),
Clockwise from left: Cynthia K. (OP) checking military supplies, kids hygiene kits, school kits, Leisel M, Dianne R, & Lara C (all BC) putting together hygiene kits.

L to R: Heather H (LV), Joyce L (LV), Alycia C (OP), Linda S (BC) in background, Leslie L (LV)
Clockwise from left: Foothills girls sorting clothes, baby care kits, Stephanie M (BC) sorting clothes, Cynthia K (OP) sorting military packages.
Writing letters to our servicemen! Right, Carol S. & granddaughter (BC)
What a hard working group!!!
I don't remember the final tally on how many boxes or kits or packages we packed. If anyone has got that, leave a comment! Also, obviously, I don't know everybody in these pictures. If you can name them, leave a comment!
Thank you everyone for all your hard work, especially those who were involved in all the planning and coordinating and the delicious lunch!


Happy 1st Anniversary/What's in Your Kitchen?

One year ago today my home was burglarized. What did they get? The majority of my camera gear! The good news is I was able to go shopping for a new camera!! ;) The interesting part about the situation is that I had just decided to remodel my kitchen Trading Spaces-style. I thought I could bang out a new kitchen in two days. 1 can of Fudge Truffle paint (I could smell the chocolate, oh wait, maybe that was just paint fumes), 2 rolls of wallpaper, 23 black handle pulls, and 22 black hinges - how hard could it be?? So I tore apart the kitchen -which landed in the rest of the house. Midway through the second day of remodeling, I returned home from an errand to find my house in shambles, which was the way I left it, but with the lights on, which was not how I left them! Which led to the discovery of the missing camera bags.
The before picture (circa 2004). Does it scream rental or what? It reminds me of some of my college apartments. The combination of the off-white paint and the silver handle pulls made me want to puke. Finally after living in it for 5 years, I came up with a fabulous plan that I love and has totally worked for us.
Enter My New Kitchen:

I loooooove toile patterns.
Now I just need new lights, and the pulls put on the lower cabinets. The lower cabinets are metal and the holes are in different places so we haven't decided how to attach them yet. I suggested Super Glue, Liquid Nails, soldering or something of that sort. Anyone have any other brilliant ideas? (This is the main reason why it has been a year and I am just now posting pictures - it's not "finished" because the lower cabinets don't have the new pulls on yet!)

What's on my walls: Pictures I took in college. Train tracks in Pennsylvania. Recently a friend posted about taking food pictures to put on her kitchen walls. I also have taken food pictures for others, but for me my trains are totally rocking my kitchen. I love them. What's in your kitchen??


For The Gallery Wall

After we called it quits and I packed up my camera, I knew I had to take one more. This is my "one more pose" shot. I'm glad I did!

I don't know if you can tell, but I am definitely recommending some black & white to go on Jen's wall in her living room. She has been doing some re-decorating and has a great space for these (& the baby by himself) portraits. I can't wait to see these on her wall!


baby soft

Doesn't it make you want to nuzzle your nose next to his cheek?

He looks all grown up!! (Newborn portraits here)
Picture-perfect! (what you don't know is - there were 14 others of this same pose! Squirmy children make me so thankful for digital photography!)

Family shots coming soon.


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