Park City

So, it turns out that Park City, UT at 2:00 in the afternoon in the end of November is quite chilly. Down right cold, I'd say. And then... the sun went down!! Brrrr. Luckily Heidi had just picked up a some darling peacoats (not pictured) for her kiddos at the Old Navy Black Friday sale. There were a few rosie noses and froze toes, but we made it through and then warmed up with some pizza and and hot chocolate downtown. These two kids have so much personality and were so much fun to horse around with. And yes, his tie matches her Matilda Jane dress. Nice touch, Heidi!!

Love the sass.

Aren't they a stunning couple?

And to finish off the session, Heidi pulled out her handknitted hats (she is one talented lady!!!). Snow + ski lift + knitted hats + adorable family = Merry Christmas!!


...and You Thought She was Pretty in Color

Wow and wow. I love doing sessions of girls at this age, because, in all reality, girls NEED pretty pictures of themselves. They really do.


Adventures at the Trainyard

This baby girl was 3 1/2 months old for this session. The men at the Nevada Southern Railway were kind enough to open up a few of the train cars for us (on a weekday!) and let us explore, which Tanner loved! Tanner sure is a cutie - check out his lashes on Image #3!

Too cute!

So, if you can't tell, this is my favorite action. I love the old school photo look.


All I Want For Christmas....

This darling babe is 4 months old. I love the stages of a newborn! This pose is perfect for this age because she can hold herself up, yet she can't crawl away!

A fantastic friend gave her this hand-knitted bonnet with a matching cardigan, and she's nearly grown out of it!!! Seriously, babies grow way too fast.
All she wants are her two front teeth!! I think we've entered the teething phase. :(



Meet my niece Loren. Yes, she is that beautiful. I know, pick your jaws up off the floor now. After doing her family pics earlier in the day, Loren was still dressed when the sun started to go down behind the mountain. I looked out the window and saw the fantastic frosty-ness and dragged her back outside with me. Lucky for me, she didn't complain! :)

Wow. This last image knocks me over everytime I see it. Thank you, Loren, for standing in the snow with me!!!


Baby, It's Cold Outside

A few little cuties from my Utah sessions...

And I can't wait to show you tomorrow's Beauty!!!


The Santa Train is Comin'!

Hey, just a little shout out for the Nevada State Railroad Museum! They were so kind to open a few trains for us during a portrait session and this little guy just loved it! Most kids love the trains, but especially so this weekend! It's the SANTA TRAIN!!! Actually, this weekend and next - Santa & Mrs. Clause will be on the train to visit with the kiddos, and the train will be decorated with Christmas cheer. Get your tickets first thing in the morning - they sell out FAST!


Baby Makes Three

Meet Sam. Sam was about 2.5 weeks old for this portrait session. Sam's mom and dad have a gorgeous bedroom where we spent most of our time. Sam is a pretty agreeable kid. He was awake for some shots, but also went to sleep for a few. He let us pose him and change things up without to much fuss. And he was kind enough not to poo on anyone, or anything, and luckily we had moved out to the tile when he decided he needed to pee.... all over mom! but not on the carpet (yay for tile!) or the bed (where we started the session). After these last few babies I've done, I am pleasantly surprised when things stay clean! :)

Sigh. I love this quiet moment.

I dig this one. It's like he's saying "If I could crawl, I'd come over there and tackle you!!!" And check out Sam's awesome blonde streak!


Stephanie + Tallas. THE Wedding.

That "THE" in the title is no typo. This was seriously one of THE best weddings I've been to. Right from the beginning, from the first time I met Stephanie I was very impressed by her friendliness, her honesty, her warmth and her love for life. After chatting for about an hour, and then numerous emails back and forth, I was very excited to be a part of this wedding. I just loved the feeling I got when I would talk to Stephanie, listening to her describe how she & Tallas met, her love for him, their plans for the wedding, their life together afterwards, and her outlook on life in general. I knew Tallas had to be someone pretty incredible and he fit my expectations perfectly!

It was an exceptionally hot Saturday in October. So hot the groomsmen took a break and ran to 7-11 for Slurpees! Lucky for them (and Tallas) the wedding attire was NOT tuxes or suits! I always feel so bad for grooms sweating away in their suit coats. And a word about the bouquets - Stephanie wanted a "wildflower" look. Aren't the bouquets beautiful? I think there are even some thistles in there!!

The wedding ceremony was at the Boulder City Library Ampitheater and the reception held at the Henderson City Convention Center.My ever-favorite pose.

The little Ringbearer did not want to be in our "bridal party" pic, so his dad was helping us out. I didn't even realize he was behind the groom - I couldn't see him - until after we were done with the shot!
I loooove this shot during the ceremony! Just gorgeous!!!
And I so LOVE these!!
Stephanie is so creative. This is her guest book: a piece of plywood with a beautiful tree draw on it, complete with T+S carved into the trunk! I believe an aunt drew it for her. The guests inked their thumb or finger and left a print on the tree branch in orange, green or brown as the leaves of the trees (and signed by their print). Then Stephanie & Tallas inked their thumbs in blue to make two blue lovebirds sitting in the tree!!
More personalized wedding details! The cake-topper bride & groom look just like the real Bride & Groom! Isn't it so fantastic?! And the cake is cheesecake - YUM!
Speaking of food, Metro Pizza catered the reception! Who wouldn't want to go to a wedding where pizza was being served? And to drink, there was a keg of freshly made Root Beer!
They just ooze happiness!

Seriously, this was a super super fun wedding. I loved every bit of it!


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