Sweet Baby James

This big little guy is seven weeks old. Babies really do grow way too fast.

Look at those eyes!!!

I love eyelashes and I love baby skin creases.
James also has really big cheeks! And they move all over the place! He made so many different faces throughout his portrait session, it was amazing!

There is nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby.


Sheer Luck

I am not an early morning person, even though I really do enjoy that time of day, I just can't separate myself from my bed unless I absolutely have to. So this week's theme of "Sunrise" was a dreadful thought. Luckily, my baby randomly woke up at 5:30am Thursday morning. I put him back to bed, grabbed my camera, and ran out the door. There I was hoofing it around downtown in my pajamas, trying to find perfection.
Aaahhhh... Right place.... Right time... I couldn't have planned it better. (Again this was not what I had "planned" but I am so glad I stumbled this way)

ISO: 400
Aperture: f/7.1
Shutter: 1/125
Focal Length: 55mm
Color Adjustment: NONE!
Time: 6:22AM
Light: Sun just barely pooped up over the mountain!


Something Blue

Yet another assignment where things didn't go as planned. (This is not at all what I was intending on for this week) Oh well, these turned out cute anyway.

I think my personal favorite (of my own photos) of this series was my "Something Borrowed" even though it didn't go as planned either.


Mitch & Serretta

I am itching to post these.

This is the opening page for the wedding album (so far). What do you think?

Isn't she stunning?
Gorgeous!!!Weather.com predicted "isolated thunderstorms" for the wedding day so I came prepared. I thought we'd at least have a few really nice looking clouds! And living in this never-ending hotness, I thought it would be refreshing to have some rain on the big day. However, I am really really pleased with how this shot turned out - a little bit of humor and totally awesome sun rays!
Bride in church bathroom: is this working for or against me?

And what about this larger format, do you like it? It is a bit more effort/time, is it worth it?


Sneak Peak

From a totally stylin' wedding....


Something Borrowed

I did have a most excellent idea for this week's photo challenge, however.....I was quite busy as were my models of choice. So I will go with this....


Cherry Tomatoes

Assignment of the Week. Theme: Something New


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