The Ballet

I actually don't know this first girl. I love her expression though! What a way to start out the recital!

Who doesn't love baby ballerina bums? I was surrounded by audience members who kept oohing and ahhing over the 3 year olds.

And that was as long as I stayed! After an hour's worth of curtain call practice and two hours of loud music, I was done with the ballet.

As a side note, all these photos were taken without any flash - just the theater lights. Thank you, Nikon, for your wonderfully high ISO range!!!


Jenna & Jeremiah

The much delayed wedding post!! Jenna and Jeremiah were married on a beautiful Saturday afternoon and had a beautiful wedding to match it. Pam has an immaculate house with such good natural light and Pam is excellent with details and throwing parties. I love details. I was actually hired at the last minute and was a surprise to Jenna. Jenna, I hope I was worth it!

The bride with her father.

I had thoughts of posting a few more, but my photoshop has decided to act up on me...



I'm sure you've been a bridesmaid before, but I am so glad I don't have to say "Always a bridesmaid, never a bride"! More from Jenna's wedding coming soon!


Elder Ballard Quotes Anna Quindlen

Elder M. Russell Ballard gave a wonderfully beautiful talk this afternoon and I was pleasingly surprised to hear him quote Anna Quindlen about how fast children grow. After I had Jared, a friend gave this book to me as a baby shower gift. Anna's essays are eloquently written and Nick Kelsh's black & white photographs are stunning. The book is inspiring and is an excellent reminder to savor the baby years. And thank you Elder Ballard! Speaking of words of inspiration, I love how he pointed out that some people over-schedule and try to keep up with the Jones's. He reaffirmed everything I already felt (including things like I need to be nicer to my children because they will only be small for so long....). It's just nice to hear it from a prophet's voice.


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