I've decided to particpate in a weekly photo challenge, an assignment for the week, if you will. I thought "Maybe this will help me think outside the box" - of portraiture, that is. So what was my first idea for this assignment? Something involving people! I also wanted to participate because it reminds me of college. I had an amazing, fun teacher - Megan Martindale - and I would like to get back to the feel of the shooting I did then. Maybe it was the film and the chemicals, and digital has killed that... Maybe having significantly less free time did....

Moving on. Topic for the week: Something Old.

In these days of Shabby Chic-ness and Vintage Inspired, what is "old" anyways?

So, yes, my first idea involved people. What shows age better than skin? My grandmother does not know I am using her hands as a symbol of "old"ness. I will probably get in trouble for this :) My nine-month-old, who is named her maiden name, did not want to cooperate. But alas, I waited until the last minute to do this assignment, so he had to tough it out. I was going for the youthful baby hand delicately holding the aged grandmother hand. What I got was a baby foot. At least, Grandma cooperated...

My other thought was, "Well, I should do something without people in it" even though this is not a face portrait. So I'm sticking this barn on here too.

And my new header for the blog is a shot from 2000. How's that for old? Film all the way baby! I hope you feel something from this shot. I love it.

Mindy  – (July 20, 2008 at 9:41 PM)  

We'd love to have you join us :) It's a completely fun way for us to inspire each other, and maybe even learn something new. It totally reminds me of my college days too! I studied photojournalism and the assignments were always soo much fun :) Oh, and the challenge for this week is "games."

Grace  – (July 21, 2008 at 7:37 AM)  

Yeah, Jessica! I'm so glad you are doing it now. I agree, it definately helps think outside the box, that's why I started doing them with Mindy as well. Your stuff is awesome. I considered doing an older persons hands as well, but didn't want to offend them, so you are much braver than me. Plus, you have more meaning with your boy being named after your grandmother. Great job!

MaryRC  – (July 23, 2008 at 7:12 PM)  

"all dressed up and nowhere to go" its a great shot!

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