Never a Dull Moment Around Here....

For starters, one of the Hobbits forgot her shoes, one nearly had a meltdown, and one ripped her hair clip out of her hair. The wind greated us with a hearty welcome at our desired location (does it EVER stop blowing here?) and almost blew my chairs over. In between packing the kids back into the car and getting to a new location, we lost Dad's sunglasses :( and the sun was fading away.

Despite everything that was trying to go wrong, we managed to make some right out of it! This is one super cute family with such great style. I knew I would not be disappointed with their choice of outfits. Love the skirts & leggings, love the neutrals (black, white & gray) with the pink! Enjoy!

Becky aka tata!  – (June 25, 2010 at 8:26 AM)  

Such great pictures of a great family!!

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