Making Your Portrait Session Your Own

From the moment Lara announced she was expecting twins, everyone was telling her how different her life was going to be and how this little guy was in for the shock of his life. At four months old, Lara attempted her first family portrait with the twins. She knew it was not likely that the session would go off entirely perfect so she planned accordingly. We met at a park Landon enjoys playing at. That way if one of the girls were fussy, he could run around and not get bored waiting. Lara also wanted some shots of them all playing on the playground together, because Landon loves the park so much.
Getting your portraits done is really all about you, so take advantage of that! Dress, accessorize, prop-o-cize, location-ize.... I'm making up my own words.... all to fit your style. If your family likes to ride dirt bikes, let's go out to the dry lake bed. I've been hired/invited to a First Birthday party to witness that first cake experience. Bring me along on a family picnic, or on a trip to the ice cream parlor, or on your favorite hike, etc. There are limitless possibilities. What do you want your portraits to say about you?

Lara  – (November 11, 2010 at 2:07 AM)  

Ah! I love them! Jess, you are seriously the best!

Anjalique  – (November 11, 2010 at 5:41 PM)  

These are great! Good job, Jess. I miss you and Lara so much!

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